The Forbidden Legend Sex And Chopsticks (2008) DVDRip

The Forbidden Legend: Sex And Chopsticks (2008) DVDRip [Indo Hardsub]

Story: Story is begin with the childhood of rich and powerful Simon Qing (Lam Wai-Kin) has been schooled in the ways of sex by his virile father (Tsui Siu-Keung), but is still a virgin. That is, until he meets his first love Violetta, who has fun with him all over his father’s estate. Their love does not last, so Simon embarks on a journey to, um, do something. Along the way he meets the comely nun Moon, who observes his manhood one evening by poking at it with a pair of chopsticks – thus earning the film it’s English title. Simon deflowers her and marries her, after which he becomes enamored of the small-footed Golden Lotus, who’s married to dwarf and poor Wu Da-Lang. The two conspire to get rid of him, setting up another marriage for Simon.
The Forbidden Legend: Sex And Chopsticks

  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Stars: Hikaru Wakana, Kaera Uehara, Serina Hayakawa
  • File Type: AVI
  • Filesize: 202.5 mb
  • Runtime: 01:33:12
  • Subtitle: Indonesia Hardsub
  • Resolution: 500×250
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